Tell Me Your Barcode, And I Will Tell You What Palm You Are

Researchers Use Hubble Telescope to Reveal Cloudy Weather on Alien World

Meloidogyne Mali: A New Invasive Plant Parasitic Nematode in Europe

Finnish Research Team Reveals How Emotions Are Mapped in the Body


New Genetic Engineering Technique Could Help Design, Study Biological Systems

A new technique will help biologists tinker with genes, whether the goal is to turn cells into tiny factories...

Molecule Flash Mob

The membrane of a cell is composed of a lipid bilayer. Lipids are good chemical and electrical insulators, which are ideally suited to separating the inside of the cell from the outside of the cell. But membra...

'FishTaco' Sorts Out Who Is Doing What in Your Microbiome

A growing body of evidence indicates that the trillions of microbes that live on and inside our bodies affect our health. Collectively, these resident microbes form our microbiome.

The Glorification of History May Give Rise to a Willingness to Fight in a War

In order to study the perceptions held by people all over the world about different historical figures and events, as well as what the sense of history is, researchers in the UPV/EHU's consolidated Social Psyc...

New Theory May Explain Mystery of Fairy Circles of Namibia

One of nature's greatest mysteries - the 'Fairy Circles' of Namibia - may have been unravelled by researchers...

Caves in Central China Show History of Natural Flood Patterns

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have found that major flooding and large amounts of precipitation occur on 500-year cycles in central China. These findings shed light on the forecasting of future fl...

Study Discusses Model for Understanding Nutrition And Brain Development

URBANA, Ill. -Pediatric nutrition research has sh own the important effects of early-life nutrition on a baby...

New Study Will Help Find the Best Locations for Thermal Power Stations in Iceland

A new research article, with lead authors from the University of Gothenburg, gives indications of the best pl...

Ants Use Sun And Memories to Guide Their Backwards Walk Home

They are famed for their highly developed work ethic ... now a study shows ants' navigational skills are more...

Why the Lights Don't Dim When We Blink

Every few seconds, our eyelids automatically shutter and our eyeballs roll back in their sockets. So why does...

How Much Drought Can a Forest Take?

Why do some trees die in a drought and others don't? And how can we predict where trees are most likely to di...

Humans, Not Climate Change, Wiped Out Australian Megafauna

New evidence involving the ancient poop of some of the huge and astonishing creatures that once roamed Austra...
Technology and EngneeringRSS

Tough Aqua Material for Water Purification

Water purification processes usually make use of robust membranes for filtering off contaminants while working at high pressures. Can materials employing water as major component be made strong enough to suit ...

One in 5 Adults Secretly Access Their Friends' Facebook Accounts

Most people are concerned about the prospect of their social media accounts being hacked, but a new study finds that it's actually people we know who frequently access our accounts without our permission. In ...

New Research Helps to Meet the Challenges of Nanotechnology

Research by scientists at Swansea University is helping to meet the challenge of incorporating nanoscale stru...

Treated Carbon Pulls Radioactive Elements from Water

Researchers at Rice University and Kazan Federal University in Russia have found a way to extract radioactivi...

Theorists Propose New Class of Topological Metals with Exotic Electronic Properties

Researchers at Princeton, Yale, and the University of Zurich have proposed a theory-based approach to charact...

Your 'Anonmyized' Web Browsing History May Not Be Anonymous

Raising further questions about privacy on the internet, researchers from Princeton and Stanford universities...

Making AI Systems That See the World as Humans Do

A Northwestern University team developed a new computational model that performs at human levels on a standar...

Study: Technological Progress Alone Won't Stem Resource Use

Are humans taking more resources from the Earth than the planet can safely produce? The answer lies partly in whether we can "dematerialize," or reduce the amount of materials needed to produce goods and servi...

System Links Data Scattered Across Files, for Easy Querying

The age of big data has seen a host of new techniques for analyzing large data sets. But before any of those techniques can be applied, the target data has to be aggregated, organized, and cleaned up. That tu...

The Speed Limit for Intra-chip Communications in Microprocessors of the Future

Researchers at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology have developed a theory that gives the possibil...

Magnetic Moment of a Single Antiproton Determined with Greatest Precision Ever

As self-evident as it is that matter exists, its origins are just as mysterious. According to the principles ...

Motors Matter: from DVD Players to Robotic Surgeons

The same mechanical principles underlie whether the DVD player skips and whether the most advanced surgical robot will rotate its scalpel arm to the wrong organ. Both depend on the stable performance of motors...
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Adaptive Management of Soil Conservation Is Essential to Improving Water Quality

Why 'Platonic' Flies Don't Copulate And What That Could Mean for Humans

Vitamin B-12, And a Knockoff Version, Create Complex Market for Marine Vitamins

Graphene's Sleeping Superconductivity Awakens

New England's 1816 'Mackerel Year' And Climate Change Today

Faster Recharging Batteries Possible After New Insights

What Humans And Primates Both Know When It Comes to Numbers

Glass's Off-kilter Harmonies

UCI Researchers Map Oceanic Troughs Below Ice Sheets in West Antarctica

Heavy Alcohol Use in Adolescence Alters Brain Electrical Activity

Northern Quebec Lichen Yields 2 Unique Molecules And Several Antibacterial Compounds

Explaining How 2-D Materials Break at the Atomic Level

Economics and Sociology

Trump Presidency to Affect the Quality of Financial Reporting Information

The number of companies using 'creative accounting techniques' can be expected to increase in Republican-governed states and decrease in Democrat-governed states when Donald Trump becomes US President tomorrow...

Rice's Baker Institute Releases Policy Recommendations for the Trump Administration

Rice University's Baker Institute for Public Policy has released policy recommendations for President-elect D...

How the New Congress And Trump Could Affect Science

The political ground is set to shift dramatically with the new Republican-led Congress in place and President-elect Donald Trump poised to take over the Oval Office. The cover story in Chemical & Engineeri...

Benefits of Renting a Home May Be Underrated

Renting rather than owning a home may not be as expensive as many people think, according to financial research from the University of Stirling. The prospect of no longer having to pay rent, known as imputed ...

Researchers Reveal That Not All Violent Acts Are Equal

People from different nationalities make similar judgements and decisions about the severity of different violent acts -- a finding that could help international organisations, such as the UN and World Health ...

Affordable Water in the US: A Burgeoning Crisis

EAST LANSING, Mich. - If water rates continue rising at projected amounts, the number of U.S. households unab...

Incentive Pay Schemes Can Affect Employee Well-being

Incentive-related pay schemes can stress rather than motivate employees, according to new research by the University of East Anglia (UEA). The study explored the relationship between three types of 'contingen...

Stock Market Fails to Predict Product Performance

EAST LANSING, Mich. - Contrary to what many in the business world believe, investors cannot reliably predict ...

Giving Investors a Say on CEO Pay Limits Excesses

As of Wednesday 4th January, the average FTSE100 CEO had made more money in 2017 than the average British worker will earn all year according to The High Pay Centre, a think tank. Ever since the financial cris...

Minorities, Females Serving on Boards Receive Less Compensation, Less Leadership Roles

While minorities and females are represented on boards of directors of many major corporations in the U.S., t...

Businesses Shape International Law Through 'Astroturf Activism,' Paper Finds

The furor over the 2010 Citizens United decision drew intense scrutiny to the role of corporate money in U.S. politics and raised questions about the influence of businesses in American lawmaking. But corpora...

China Releases First Report on Biotechnology in Developing Countries

The first report on biotechnology in developing countries revealing an overall picture of their biotechnology growth and competitiveness was released on November 15 on the 27th TWAS General Meeting held in Kig...
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